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Why donate to Friends of Kentucky Nature Preserves?

Your gift will help protect rare species and establish and expand nature preserves, trails and wildlife areas where you and others can enjoy nature.

You also help improve water quality, restore wildlife habitat, preserve natural scenic beauty, educate Kentucky’s future conservation leaders, and promote better policies and funding for Kentucky conservation. All with one simple gift that makes you part of everything we do.

All your money stays in Kentucky to protect our land, our home.

Your gift is used efficiently and effectively. And it’s tax deductible. At least 95 cent of every dollar is used for projects and services. Only about 5 percent goes to fundraising and support.

Our work depends on gifts from individuals, families, businesses and foundations. We receive no governmental support, though we often partner with governmental agencies to accomplish our goals.

You’ll feel incredibly good, knowing you are protecting and restoring Kentucky’s land, water and wildlife with your gift to the Friends of Kentucky Nature Preserves.

Together we make Kentucky better – today and “for those who follow”


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