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Our most urgent goals:

Land protection

Preserves are managed for rare species and natural communities, but also provide opportunities for recreation, education and research. These important areas require management to ensure protection of rare species and communities, and to provide people with safe and enjoyable places to visit.

Also, many additional sites have been identified by biologists as critical areas for protection. These sites have to be protected now before they can be harmed by development.

Inventories and Information

Kentucky is partner in the largest biological data network in the world, and houses the most complete database of rare species and natural areas in Kentucky. Unfortunately, development is continuing at a rapid pace, and inventories have not been completed for many rare species and natural communities. The faster these inventories are completed, and information made available to land planners, the more likely it is that important natural areas can be protected.

 Environmental Education

Survey results indicate that 98% of Kentuckians agree environmental education should be taught in schools.  Nature preserves provide excellent opportunities for demonstrating many key concepts.

  1. We want to help develop curricula that tie into existing state education standards or to adapt existing lesson plans for use on specific preserves.

  2. Provide volunteers to orient and guide preserve visitors.

  3. Outreach to the general public and policy makers to expand understanding of the value of natural areas and their contributions to quality of life.


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