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Kentuckians are privileged to live in one of America’s most beautiful states with a rich tapestry of lands and waters, all teeming with life.

Did you know:

Kentucky’s biodiversity is so rich in species that it ranks near the top for several groups.

Kentucky is home to more than 19,000 native animal and plant species, including 102 that occur only in Kentucky.

Changes to the landscape greatly affect the health, distribution and abundance of our native biodiversity including humans. 

Kentucky has already lost most of its wetlands and native grasslands, and suffered extensive forest fragmentation and degradation, primarily due to urban development, mining and agriculture. 

Kentucky is currently losing about 130 acres a day to development. This loss equates to 1 square mile of land being developed every week. Many species have already become extinct and 808 species are rare and endangered.

The Friends of Kentucky Nature Preserves want to stop the irreversible loss of habitat and species by reaching out to Kentuckians with a message that more can and must be done.

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